The Kabanda Trust

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The Kabanda Trust was established in 2006 to support and develop the education and healthcare of children attending Rock of Joy Children’s Centre and Nansana Royal Primary School in Uganda. The Trust is named in memory of Vance Kabanda, the late headmaster of the Nansana Royal Primary School. In 2008 we identified an additional school much in need of extra support.

Our mission is to advance the education, health and well-being of the pupils, teachers and community associated with Rock of Joy Children’s Centre, Lungujja. We do this by making regular termly payments to the school which covers the costs of school meals, equipment and resources. We also make one-off grants for items they request, including funding for buildings and facilities for the school.  As well as this, we fund projects such as School buses which are helping to build self – sufficiency.  We have developed a health project which employs a School Nurse who provides health education, health prevention (such as vaccinations) & free treatment for all at the school.   Poultry Projects provide income through egg & chicken sales, as well as improved nutrition, education and training for children, staff and parents.

In order to be as open and accountable as possible we operate a Grant Application system. When the schools identify an area of need, they apply with the help of our Local Administrator in Uganda for a grant and each application is reviewed by the Trustees.

Our Trustees all give their time to support the work in Uganda and receive no reimbursement for their time. They meet four or five times a year to support the school and to make decisions about the best use of our funds.   In the last few years each of them has been to visit Rock of Joy to learn first-hand about the school.  Gordon and Sue Thomas usually visit twice a year to see how things are developing and to continue making plans  with Pastor Steve for the future.

Those applications that we are able to fund are monitored to ensure funds are used appropriately and where possible a financial audit trail is kept. Through this we have funded capital projects such as building new classrooms, latrines and a Water Harvesting System. Regular costs such as the teachers’ salaries at Rock of Joy and educational bursaries at Nansana Royal are met through our Educational Support Scheme funded by our regular donors. We try to work with other agencies such as Water Aid, for example in the construction of a new rain water harvesting system at Nansana.

In all activities we are mindful of the need to help and support both schools whilst not creating a cultrue of reliance on outside fundng. We hope to do this in the future by providing funding for projects which can ultimately be self sustaining and job creating in Uganda.

If you would like to learn more about The Kabanda Trust please ask at the reception desk.

Latest Update

Uganda has been in lockdown since March which means that many people have lost their sources of income and they have no government back up as we have in the UK.  This hits the poorest very hard and prices have risen everywhere.  Schools and public transport have been closed which has provided a challenge for us as we have been concerned that they are able to continue to pay their teachers.  (Their salaries are usually covered by the income generated by the buses the school owns). Thank you to everyone who has responded to our Recent Newsletter and News from Rock of Joy.  As a result, we have so far been able to continue sending them money to pay the school staff and to provide help for a number of pregnant ladies.  As well as this food parcels have been supplied to 50 families who they identified as   We are exploring ways to provide ongoing support during this crisis

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